Anwälte ohne Grenzen (AoG) – Lawyers without Borders (LwB) e.V.“ works on a project basis. All projects are legally and socially driven and implemented on a long-term basis:

  • Legal projects such as legal assistance, legal training and administration of justice comprise our primary competence.
  • Social projects make up our secondary competence. They are either an integral part of our legal projects or a logical continuation of them in the social context.


In the following you will find a selection of our current projects:

# Project name Description



Immigration and asylum law 1: Supervision of Applicant Hearings


In Germany an applicant for asylum will be interviewed by public office on his or her reasons for leaving the country of origin. This interview is the heart piece if the application process asit is the opportunity for the applicant to make his or her case for a right to be granted asylum in Germany. These important proceedings are not safe from mistakes, misunderstandings and breaches of rights.

LwB takes part in this proceedings by helping with the preparation for the hearing and serving as a witness during the hearing. With this support, it is possible to follow up on any conflicts that might have arisen and offer a second protokoll and eye-witness evidence for clarification.

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Immigration and asylum law 2: Dublin II Regulation


The EU procedures according to the Dublin Acts II & III are a parting of roads in the application process for asylum in Europe. The highly complex rules and regulations have created a large degree of ambiguity in the fate of an application for asylum. LwB strives to collect data and information on the administrative proceedings at all relevant public offices.

By making this data and information available to colleagues in administrative and judicial office as well as fellow lawyers LwB wants to promote experience, knowledge and transparency regarding these proceedings and, thus, prevent arbitrary judgement.

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Immigration and asylum law 3: Education and Empowerment


LwB strives to inform and educate the public on the rules and legislation regarding the right to asylum in Germany. LwB will serve as a multiplier to other organisations by training and education them in the relevant legal fields to allow sovereign orientation and understanding of the relevant law.

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Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon


In Lebanon LwB is fighting to strengthen the rights of migrant domestic workers. In cooperation with the Migrant Community Center (MCC) LwB is building a network of NGOs and legal professionals to offer legal support and representatoin for migrant domestic workers and for the development of new policy on this important subject.

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Anwälte ohne Grenzen (AoG) - Lawyers without Borders (LwB) e.V.