Lawyers without Borders (LwB) e.V. is a non-governmental organisation committed to preventing and legally pursuing violations of rights, in particular, violations of human rights. We want to help individuals, legal entities, as well as associations and partnerships in safeguarding their legal interests and provide protection to refugees, asylum-seekers, returnees, stateless persons and internally displaced persons. For this cause, lawyers and non-lawyers, such as human rights activists and organisations, previously affected people, sociologists, psychologists, reporters, etc. work together closely on a voluntary and non-profit basis.

The association achieves its goals specifically by

  • providing advice and representation before court, public office, public authorities and other institutions,
  • supervising court and administrative proceedings,
  • establishing a cross-border network of lawyers, human rights activists and organisations that are committed to the aforementioned cause,
  • collecting and transferring cross-border legal knowledge and experience
  • managing strong and effective public relations.


Anwälte ohne Grenzen (AoG) - Lawyers without Borders (LwB) e.V.