Obituary for Andreas Cochlovius

After long and severe illness our chairman, Andreas Cochlovius, passed away on January 9, 2016.

We are forced to bid farewell to a close friend and highly respected colleague.

As a founder of Lawyers without Borders, Andreas Cochlovius contributed greatly to our organization through his strong personality and dedication. His advice and opinion were valued highly within and outside the organization.

We mourn his passing, which leaves a void in our midst.

He will be missed.


Anwälte ohne Grenzen (AoG) – Lawyers without Borders (LwB) e.V.“ is a non-governmental organisation committed to the goal of preventing and legally pursuing violations of rights, in particular violations of human rights, and to helping legal entities and individuals as well as associations or partnerships in safeguarding their legal interests.


Anwälte ohne Grenzen (AoG) - Lawyers without Borders (LwB) e.V.